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  • Reach
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  • Help people in Jesus name

OUR Beliefs


  • There is only one true God, He is the creator of all.
  • Jesus is the "Good News"
  • Hunters are responsible to manage wildlife for future generations.
  • Hunting is about the outdoor experience. 

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Conservation Management

At Huntin Gods Country Outdoors, we strongly believe that Conservation Management is important to the future success of wildlife. Without Conservation Management the numbers of wildlife would virtually be nonexistent. Hunters are the largest conservationists than any other group. Through hunting, fishing, trapping and sports shooting, millions of dollars are raised by firearm and ammo taxes and licenses for Wildlife Conservation. Each year, nearly $200 million in hunters' federal excise taxes are distributed to State agencies to support wildlife management programs, the purchase of lands open to hunters, and hunter education and safety classes.



HGC Outdoors is a Christian based hunting show and organization located in South Texas that focuses on sharing our Christian Faith, Conservation and helping others through exciting outdoor hunting adventures. 


Gun industry contributed $49.3 billion to U.S. economy

Industry advocates released an economic impact report this week showing gun and ammo businesses responsible for $49.3 billion of economic activity in the U.S.

The report covers the industry during 2015, the biggest year on record for projected gun sales, and shows a more than $6 billion increase from the year before, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the group that published the materials.

The total figure breaks down to $19.5 billion directly from the industry, $15 billion through supply chains, and $14.8 billion having an induced effect.

Top five states spending the most overall include Texas with $3.6 billion, California with $3.5 billion, Minnesota with $2.4 billion, Florida with $2.3 billion, and Illinois with $2.2 billion

From the total, $6.2 billion in taxes were collected from the business end. Of those, $3.7 billion in federal and $2.5 billion in state. And $677 million in state and federal excise taxes.

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Exclusive Interview with Marty Daniel on Severing Ties With Academy Sports

In a knee-jerk reaction to the massacre in Orlando at the LGBT nightclub Pulse, the retailer Academy Sports decided to remove all modern sporting rifles from its shelves.

Not surprisingly, this move by Academy isn’t sitting well with hunting, shooting enthusiasts, or firearms manufacturers. In fact, one gun company, Daniel Defense, has drawn a clear line in the sand by immediately terminating its agreement to sell products to Academy. We reached out to the owner of Daniel Defense, Marty Daniel, to see what what pushed him to make that decision and much more

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  • Faith
  • Fellowship
  • Family
  • Helping others
  • Conserving and managing the outdoors.

"In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth".

Genesis 1:1 NLT